Stay Cognizant for Dogshit

Experimental art programming for Summer 2022 organized by Physical Chemistry. A series of broadcasted performance works culminating in an open-studio show featuring a live, participatory performance.

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(thank you to everyone who tuned in)

July 24th

In this performance, concentrated hydrogen peroxide drips into a glass bath containing a photograph surrounded by roses. A personal family artifact previously belonging to the Dow family is forcefully evolved. Surrounded by roses, the chemical dissolution of the image becomes an occasion for grieving.

August 3rd

For the long nights in the lab, it’s always Physical Chemistry. This mix featuring Rob Swift, The Roots, Adrianne Lenker, Nas, Stevie Nicks, Pete Rock and more. Throw on your headphones and get down to it.

August 5th

In this performance, Edward Hirsch’s epic poem Gabriel is evolved over the course of 12 hours by a slow and meticulous drip of concentrate hydrogen peroxide. Following the hydrogen peroxide saturation, the poem is subjected to a similarly slow drip of concentrate sodium hypochlorite. The staccato reaction between the chemistries as the hypo slowly falls evokes images of corrosive tears falling on the pages.

August 12th

In this performance, a sculptural assemblage is subjected to the separatory funnel’s controlled, slow drip of industrial concentration hypochlorite for a 10 hour duration. The assemblage consists of several objects chosen from the contents of the backpack my mother took with her when she hurried to the hospital for the last time.  

August 17th

Fielding all questions, taking all bets – it all comes down to Physical Chemistry. This mix featuring tracks by Laura Nyro, Madlib, Bikini Kill, Floyd The Locsmif, Tucker Zimmerman, and more. Dial in and get down to it with Physical Chemistry Mix #2.

August 19th

In this performance, a miniature monument is formed through the dripping of measured water onto dry concrete powder. The dry concrete powder conceals a cross necklace within its mass, and once the concrete cures, will lock it in place in pseudo-preservation.

August 27th

In the final performance for Stay Cognizant for Dogshit, viewers are invited to meet the notorious separatory funnel apparatus in-person for the first time. In coming together, each viewer brings a small, sentimental object with them to enter underneath the methodical drip of the industrial hypochlorite stream coming from the funnel’s spout.