If you can still hear me

If you can still hear me, mixed-media installation. Reclaimed wood, fabric found in my mother’s bedroom, light on timer, 35mm slide. Installed dimensions variable, approximately 6′ by 3′ by 1′. 

In Installation, the slide frame turns on maybe once every 45 minutes. Without warning, the slide jumps to life sharply with an audible click, staying lit-up for  only about 5 seconds before the connection gradually becomes dormant again. The hopeful wait begins again.

Cross was built from a decades old 2×4 I obtained from my grandfather’s wood stack. In study of the sanctuary cross of Le Thoronet Abbey, the arms of the cross were constructed in 1:2.123 size ratio, with the middle arm falling 27.78% down from the top of the cross. The body was constructed with a single cross-lap joint done with table-saw and router.

The fabric wrapped around the arm of the cross is a printed sheet I found in my mother’s bedroom the day after she passed. I have memories of this fabric in my childhood home.

The slide depicts a Hubble Telescope photograph of Deep Space, and comes from an archival NASA collection belonging to administrative personnel.