Silkscreen prints on 5.6 oz cotton tee-shirts, water-based fabric ink, 2018.

Like the greater majority of my art-work, when I began my printmaking efforts I had no intention of selling them or (god-forbid) making any money from the work. Hell, I didn’t even have much hope that anyone else would be able to relate to the message behind the design at all. The Unresolved Feelings design arose from a night out after classes with my close friend Samia. We were at a sandwich shop on campus, trying to finish our pitcher before they closed. I think I had been rambling on and on about my recent breakup for a good couple minutes when Samia told me I clearly had “a ton of unresolved feelings still.” The phrase immediately stuck in my head, so I wrote it down in my pocket notebook. I owe the inspiration for this design entirely to Samia.

The design utilizes a simple cooper bold typeface on a curved path. Inspired by the designs I saw in the Fall Creek Falls State Park gift shop, I wanted to use a typeface like as cooper bold that was more bubbly and inviting on the surface. I thought that by combining an unassuming typeface with a message of vulnerability I could almost trick viewers into engaging with the message.

Collected here is the lookbook created for the 1st public release of Unresolved Feelings printwork. The release was conducted in September 2018 through an online webstore. I used the release as a reason to attempt a solo, larger-scale photographic/editing project that eventually became the lookbook featured here. The lookbook was designed as an entirely seamless 10800px wide piece. I personally shot and edited the entire lookbook, printed all the shirts for the release, and created/managed the online webstore. The Unresolved Feelings 1st edition release was the first time I successfully made a monetary profit from my art-work.