slide frames

ongoing project. one of the branches on the tree of my efforts to understand and utilize the reversal development of negative b/w film stocks in order to display my film work outside of digital screens and prints. i wanted a way to display my silver images with a backlight, and these are my cardboard prototypes. i enjoy seeing the reflective metal surfaces on these – something i’ve never relished before tackling reversal development. the intimacy of these is so fascinating to me as well; you really have to lean in close to get a look at them and make out what the images and words might reveal. 

as this project has developed, i’ve begun writing on the surface of my developed black and white positives. using a tungsten scribe, i carve my words directly onto the metallic side of the film. i look forward to pushing that concept further

if you’d like to see more of my efforts towards practicing the reversal development of black and white negative film stocks, click here