If I knew you I think of you often

If I knew you I think of you often, pencil on paper. 19 in by 24 in. May 2022. 

Modern increases in population growth and urbanization both serve to catalyze the human quest for dominion over nature. As our cities grow and expand outward, and as herbicides, pesticides, and agrochemicals are increasingly implemented in green spaces, animals become alienated from the natural environments which have been their home for centuries. Road kill has become a normalized facet at the bleeding edge frontier of urbanized and rural environments. My grandmother has lived on the outskirts of Atlanta for 45 years. When my mother passed in 2021, my grandmother told me an unfamiliar deer visited her backyard every morning at dawn for a week. At the end of that same week, I came across a dead deer lying exploded on the asphalt of a back road in Atlanta. A reference photo of my deer is dithered through a Gameboy camera one of the first toys I remember my mother giving me.

documentation from crit club may 2022, where i presented this drawing as a component of my research work orbiting dow chemical company