i promise i'm a good'n

large-form rubbings taken of stained glass panels in united methodist church of college park. rubbings vary from 3-5 feet in width and 10-16 feet in length. rubbings are composed of graphite and wax on building materials such as rosin builder’s paper and masking tape.

this body of work depicting stained glass panels explores objects/symbols which are ordinarily considered to be sacred or out-of-our-reach (not to be touched). by taking graphite and wax impressions of these panels, their spiritual imagery and sacred geometry are reproduced on the disposable media of red rosin builder’s paper. the large rubbings are either hung low enough on the wall to drape well onto the floor, or laid entirely on the floor. through this transformation of context, the audience is invited to interact with the symbols in ways ordinarily considered forbidden. whereas stained glass panes are typically viewed by looking up from below (becoming inaccessible to us on the ground), by draping the long-form graphite rubbings onto the floor these stained glass panels are brought down from the walls into the realm of the viewer. 

pictured above left: I Promise I’m a Good’n, graphite and primer on builder’s rosin paper. Approximately 5′ x 13′. March 2021.

pictured above right: progress shot of Ecstatic Christ Comedown, wax, graphite, and primer on builder’s rosin paper. Approximately 3′ x 16′. March 2021.

from left to right: Ecstatic Christ ComedownSingle-Use Savior, and Neon Golgotha.

documentation by riley osborn:

initial research and development phase