Stay Cognizant for Dogshit

You have to make choices in life

August 27th, 6:00 PM onwards

You have to make choices in life, collected objects,  fresh flowers, 12.5% hypochlorite, separatory funnel, ring stand, webcam.

In the final performance for Stay Cognizant for Dogshit, viewers are invited to meet the notorious separatory funnel apparatus in-person for the first time. In coming together, each viewer brings a small, sentimental object with them to enter underneath the methodical drip of the industrial hypochlorite stream coming from the funnel’s spout. The temporary community formed around the separatory funnel experience a shared sense of loss through the act of releasing control over their selected objects and allowing them to experience a drastic evolution under force of extended hypochlorite exposure. Paradoxically, while the chemical development of each object drastically changes its appearance and structure, often entirely destroying the appearance of the original, the emotional weight of each object is magnified and their memory is memorialized through the magnitude and occasion of the irreversible change enacted.